Babekuhl*Babe-cool  is a design-driven production studio based in Sydney.

We are animators, designers and artists who grew up with the digital revolution and are fluent in the language of traditional and social media. At our core, we use design to develop concepts and to visually communicate stories or messages that resonate with a modern audience. Our multidisciplinary skills and love of Stanley Kubrick drives us to make meaningful and engaging work through a diverse range of styles and aesthetics.

At times, we open up our space for photoshoots, exhibitions and book launches.

Because of this, we live at the crossroads of

  • Photoshop, After Effects and Cinema 4D.
  • exhibitions, beer and conspiracy theories.
  • peanut allergies, banh mis and tumeric lattes.
  • hip-hop, soundtracks and electronica.
  • 90’s, 00’s and 10’s.
  • animation, branding and art direction.
  • analogue, digital and infrared.

We are a cocktail mix of:

designers, animators, artists, photographers, musicians, editors and film-makers

with the capabilities to make:

live music visuals, music videos, branding, campaigns, murals, websites, magazines and album art

The Team:

  • Billy Ryan

  • Chris Yee

  • Eva Li

  • Pat Santamaria

  • Steffie Yee

Our Clients include:

Take a peek at our library of books, vinyl and stuff that influences our work and thought process.