Dave Ma 6th -9th May 2021 Solo Exhibition

DISTANCE is a two part video/photo installation created during 14 days in quarantine.

The installation aims to evoke feelings of self-reflection, inspired by conversation in the past year about our collective hopes and fears during the pandemic.

DISTANCE and the corresponding cityscapes were shot from a single hotel window. Initially a study of light and shadow, characters began emerging within the urban landscape, creating a sense of focus and observational reflection on passing time.

The second film titled HOPE/FEAR is a reimagining of a live installation created in 2011 at Blessing Force Art Exhibition in Oxford, England.

Attendees were asked to choose hope or fear, in response to a film about the universe while having their portrait taken. The resulting images and responses were projected anonymously in random order to create a collective confessional over three days.

Revisited 10 years on, HOPE/FEAR takes on new meaning within the current context and offers a sense of shared experience through time, distance and circumstance.

DISTANCE hopes to create a meaningful experience born out of two weeks locked in a hotel room, while celebrating the possibilities as we return to normal.