Infrared Ambience

Public Art

Animation & Video


Infrared Ambience is a meditative journey through the natural world. A unique, surrealist portrait of nature’s interconnection and the ancient energies that lie within.

Filmed on the east coast of Australia, it depicts the rugged ancient landscapes and adjacent bushlands through infrared wavelengths invisible to the human eye. This technology-enhanced perspective is hypnotic and alluring, creating an environment that feels both intensely hyper-real and instantly familiar.


Currently screening on site at
80 Collins St, Melbourne
180 Flinders St. Melbourne. (As of Dec 2020)


Filmed between 2019 and mid 2020 in the coastal regions North of Sydney, and using a combination of full spectrum camera technology and infrared filters between 550-590Nm, the project was partially adapted for the large LED screens where it currently resides in Melbourne.

Available for licensing and exhibitions. Get in touch here. 



Cinematography: Billy Ryan
Producer: Pat Santamaria
Design consultants: Eva Li


Art Pharmacy: Emilya Colliver Lily Keenan


Photography(80 Collins / 180 Flinders) : Hilary Walker
Video coverage(80 Collins / 180 Flinders) Andi Edirisinghe
Video coverage (80 collins) C/o Dexus