Leven Kali

Too High

Thanks to the connectivity of Instagram, we were linked with Leven Kali's team in LA, who commissioned us to together an animated video for his track “Too High” featuring rappers Buddy and Na-Kel Smith. Our animating lead and director on this project, Chris Yee was inspired by this classic ode to weed – taking him down the road of conceptualising a modern, stoned LA twist on the Beatles’ masterpiece, Yellow Submarine.


The music video is cell animation in the tradition of 90’s Saturday morning cartoons which we grew up on. This process relies heavily on frame-by-frame illustration; a monumental task for a boutique studio like ours, when you take in to account that the animation requires between 12-25 frames per second. Additional illustrations were contributed by Andrew Yee, plus some extra 3D sequences were comped together in After Effects to produce the final animation. Finally, a live-action opening sequence shot by Matthew Kaplan was added to complete the project.


Directed by

Chris Yee

Animation by

Chris Yee
Andrew Yee
Pat Santamaria
Billy Ryan