Long Story Short

Main Title Sequence

Film Titles

We were approached by the team at See pictures and Heckler to help create the opening title sequence for Josh Lawson’s feature film ‘Long Story Short’ starring Rafe Spall, Zahra Newman and Ronny Chieng. Director Josh Lawson was specific about his intention to use the title sequence as an important device which would introduce the viewer to the themes, characters and narrative of the film.


Using a combination of animation, illustration and simple graphical motifs, the animated title sequence takes viewers through a loose, fragmented introduction to the narrative unfolding in the movie – the story of a man coming to terms with time’s unstoppable nature. We follow a cat and mouse chase while our protagonist, Teddy, is desperately trying to stay in touch with his partner, Leanne. Throughout the sequence, Teddy is pursued relentlessly (and ultimately foiled) by time itself.

During pre-production and ideation, we studied and referenced the cat-and-mouse trope, with specific attention given to Pink Panther and the work of Saul Bass. Ultimately, we sought to craft a stand-alone title sequence that exists in a world of its own. A playful visual tone filled with clues from the movie for viewers to subtly interpret and digest.  


Released: Feb 2021
Sequence Duration: 1:30


Creative Team

Billy Ryan
Chris Yee
Eva Li
Patrick Santamaria
Steffie Yee

Production Companies

See Pictures
Spectrum Films
Commissioning agency:

Thanks To

Josh Lawson
Jamie Hinton
Michael Pontin
Amy Jarman
Catherine Terracini
Isabel Stanfield