by Babekühl & Sam Whiteside

Experience Design

A collaboration with lighting director and artist, Sam Whiteside - Re-Claimed is an audio-visual installation which observes the tension between the organised systems which humankind creates and the apparent chaos of nature.


With Re-Claimed, our goal was to create an experiential artwork which had the capacity to evolve and grow organically over the life of the installation. Conceptually, we wished to observe nature’s capacity to regenerate and reclaim man-made spaces.

Against the backdrop of the COVID19 pandemic, a fascination with post-apocalyptic themes and narratives gave birth to the Re-Claimed project. To create a work which would achieve all these goals, an installation consisting of 3 key elements was devised:

  • A monolithic light sculpture built from sequenced lighting fixtures and truss bars. This truss structure was suspended overhead, evoking an industrial form which had long-since fallen and teetered precariously above the audience.
  • Crawling vines and organic artefacts were woven and hung from the beams above the audience, giving the appearance of an abandoned, man-made site. Over the period of the installation’s life, the plants and vines grew (and in some cases, perished) giving the piece an organic, living capacity.
  • An ever-evolving score and sound design were incorporated into the installation. Suspended speakers played industrial drones and field recordings, evoking a post-apocalyptic, future-scape. In addition, the lighting fixtures were programmatically controlled to respond to the sound design, completing the sensory immersion.

Finally, an original score was composed and performed weekly during the installation’s month-long run.


Reclaimed by

Sam Whiteside & Babekühl

Lighting Design

Sam Whiteside

Sound Design & Music

Patrick Santamaria


Billy Ryan


Eva Li


Chris McCann