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System Midnight

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‘System Midnight’ is large format artwork which draws on human movement and experimental video art practices to embody feelings of freedom and reawakening. Created by new media art collective, Babekuhl in collaboration with choreographer Aleese Gabir, System Midnight embraces a hyperdelic approach to technology in art. Through a maximal use of scale, time and colour, Babekühl aim to create work that is a joyous, ethereal vision of young Sydney after dark.


For this piece, we used thermal imaging cameras to capture the motion and energy of dance as well as tap into this idea of the unseen- the ethereal hidden realm invisible to the human eye. The heat signatures that were generated from these cameras informed the overall visual approach we took for this video piece- beautifully iridescent, hypnotic and euphoric.

Motion trails were another key feature of this video piece, highlighting motion as something solid and tangible. With these trails, we were able explore other means of creative expression through the dynamism of dance- painting and filling our digital canvas with abstract yet considered marks left by the dancers.



Billy Ryan
Patrick Santamaria
Eva Li
Jenny Kim




Aleese Gabir
Katie Lang
Bella Davey

Shell House

Ed Loveday
Vi Hermens
Shell House