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Babekühl : Issue 01 – The 2019 edition


2019: The content arms race is in full swing. At the time of writing, both Apple and Disney are preparing the launch of their own proprietary streaming platforms – promising to deliver an entirely new stream of original programming to a global content river whose banks are already bursting with untold billions of investment. As consumers, we have never had access to a greater quantity, quality and range of media.


Interestingly, and perhaps somewhat ironically, another aspect of the 2019 zeitgeist has been an increased global awareness regarding humanity’s impact on the planet. Microcosmic examples of this shifting mood surround us in our Darlinghurst studio, and while the age of the single- use plastic is quickly coming to end, in the digital realm, we seem to be consuming ‘stuff’ at a violently expanding rate.


As ‘creators’ and active participants in the current media explosion, there’s no doubt we’ve enjoyed many benefits of this boom. In the last 12 months, our small team has grown in size and skill, affording us the resources to work on increasingly creative and complex projects for a variety of clients around the world. It is the human value of these creations which is difficult to quantify in an age where ‘art’ is commodified, consumed and reclassified as ‘content.’


Reflecting on a year of creating in the digital realm, we feel compelled to catalogue and document the process of our work, if for no other reason than to create a record of the human input which has gone in to the projects outlined in these pages. As much as this is a cathartic exercise for us, we truly hope you enjoy this peek behind the veil of professionalism that we are so often guilty of hiding behind.