Babekuhl*Babe-cool  is a design-driven creative studio based in Sydney.

We live at the crossroads of art, design and technology.

Growing up with the digital revolution, we are ingrained with the natural understanding of traditional and social media. Being fluent in this language means that we can effectively construct and communicate meaningful concepts that resonate with a modern audience.

With this instinct built into our psyche, we have grown up to become a multi-disciplinary mix of artists, designers, musicians, photographers, animators and film-makers. Our team has exhibited art around the world, founded record labels, made award-winning short films, curated music festivals, started families and participated in a million creative experiments in the name of fun.

The Team:

  • Billy Ryan

  • Chris Yee

  • Eva Li

  • Pat Santamaria

  • Steffie Yee






Our Clients include: