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Chow bar wheatpaste wall by babekuhl illustration agency sydney

chow bar


When the team at Chow Bar & Eating house were conceptualisng a new project in Sydney, Babek├╝hl were commissioned to work along interior architects Giant Designs to create a striking visual concept for the restaurant. We created a series of wallpapers, illustrations and graphics, taking cues from our favourite film directors in Asian cinema. The resulting imagery was applied using the paste-up method, to create a series of densely layered murals which wrap the interior and exterior walls of the space. Photos C/O Andrew Worssam

chow bar and eating house surry hills by babekuhl design studio
Chow bar and eating house chinese porcelain pattern by babekuhl
chow bar and eating house surry hills babekuhl designs
chow restautant wheatpaste wall paper by babekuhl design studio
chow bar and restautant design by babekuhl creative studio
god of gamblers Chow yun fat illustration by babekuhl
hard boiled Chow yun fat illustration by babekuhl