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Christopher esber flower print
art direction

Christopher Esber – CT Scan flower print


Christopher Esber┬ácommissioned Babek├╝hl to develop a floral print to feature in the label’s 2015 Resort Collection. For this project we worked with a radiographer to develop CT scan images of flowers. Instead of soaking the flowers in water, we soaked them in a radiopaque fluid, known as X ray dye. A 128 slice Computed Tomography (CT) scanner was used to take 100’s of cross-sectional images of the flowers, which were then reconstructed into 3D images and volume rendered to create graphics in different colours and levels of transparency. Photography for this look book was shot by James Nelson.

Christopher esber flower print dress
Christopher esber CT scan print
Christopher esber blue flower print dress
Christopher esber flower print dress
Christopher esber behind the scene with babekuhl