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DMA’S – Appointment (Music Video)


Babekühl was approached by FRNDS MGMT, and IOHYOU to direct and animate, ‘Appointment’– the final single of the DMA’s, ‘Glow’ album. For this piece, we were drawn in by the song’s mood. This feeling of wistful introspection inspired the video’s concept; to visualise the feeling of a fading memory. Found, super 8 footage was sourced from around the world, and cut together to resemble a lifetime of jumbled, disjointed recollection. The images were degraded and overlaid with thousands of illustrated, painted and scratched frames and intercut with new super8 footage shot by the band, their team and friends.

Directed by Patrick Santamaria & Eva Li
Animated by Jenny Kim & Billy Ryan
Footage shot by Adam ‘Rudy’ Udovich, DMA’S & Rosemary Fitzgerald
Found footage by Oliver Workman, Ollie, taspaul & timmy6cavs
Developed and scanned by Nanolab