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Music Video

Justin Bieber – Yummy (Animated Music Video)


Babekühl was approached by Universal Music Group in Los Angeles to create the official Animated Music Video for pop star, Justin Bieber and his track, ‘Yummy’. Our visual interpretation of this song was to continue the same universe as Bieber’s live action Music Video, following the set design of a luxurious dining hall with decadent foods. In a Toy Story-esque way, inanimate objects within the set come to life: food, chairs and tables awaken– singing, swaying and dancing to the song, ‘Yummy’. For this project, we had the assistance of animator, Opal Liang and illustrator, Andrew Yee to help on aspects of the music video. It’s an honour for our small Sydney studio to be a part of the Justin Bieber ‘Yummy’ universe.