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YEBBA – Louie Bag ft. Smino


‘Louie Bag’ by Yebba featuring Smino is an abstract look into the internal struggles that comes with fame, status and power. This is Babekühl’s third installment on their artistic collaboration with musician, Yebba. We dove deep into the meaning of the lyrics and both artist’s backgrounds to understand the highs and lows of public success.

The Louie Bag is a symbol of the dualistic nature of success, referencing both artists’ rise in prominence, yet behind closed doors the internal, conflicting struggles of fame.

We initially see the Louie Bag in public, powerful settings, until we eventually fall into the contents of the bag, much like Alison in Wonderland into the rabbit hole. Considering Yebba and Smino’s verses are about the pitfalls that comes with success and status, we will use this commentary throughout the video by visualising the lyrics and themes. These contradictory images will animate seamlessly, flowing from one to the next, as if we’re looking into the artist’s internal train of thought.