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Set within an immersive laboratory atmosphere, Babekuhl lab is a glimpse into our art, creative process, experiments, and vibrant community of collaborators. A place to celebrate spontaneity, playfulness, and experimentation. This collaboration stands as the culmination of several recent creative experiences brought together under one roof. Our journey as visual artists, in a constant state of flux, has witnessed our evolution from creating predominantly screen-based art to crafting comprehensive visual/audio art experiences. It’s a unique amalgamation of all that we’ve learned over the years, encompassing live show direction, public art, music videos, experience design, gallery management, and more—all fused together.


The dock stands as a lively epicentre where creativity thrives, offering a haven for both Babekühl and our community of local artists to both cultivate and showcase their talent. It’s been a dynamic space where growth and the sharing of ideas and artistic talent seamlessly intertwine. 

To celebrate and showcase our journey as visual artists, we transformed the space into an immersive, creative laboratory. Awash with an eclectic fusion of digital devices and diverse mediums, this space is a reflection of us and our creative endeavours. We united our dynamic community of contributors to collaboratively shape this immersive world, infusing their unique personalities into the project. 

Behind the scenes


Sam Whiteside, with his mastery of lighting design, brought forth the mood and ambience that enveloped our lab in a captivating aura. The sonic landscape was carefully crafted by Phondupe, who contributed evolving ambient tracks, while Downgrade worked their magic on analog video manipulation. Infusing the space with a raw and experimental energy, we utilised scaffolding as an inventive mount for CRT TVs and camcorders, transforming the room into a realm of both old and new technology.

The curated soundtrack for the night was a labour of love by Reenie while Munashe injected his own vibrant energy into the room with a live performance that seamlessly fused jazz and soul. 


‘Babekühl Lab’ was part of the global Adidas Originals campaign: ‘‘We Gave the World an Original. You Gave Us a Thousand Back’. A collection of timeless stories, retold for tomorrow.

As part of the campaign, Andpeople curated a month-long celebration of creative pioneers and up-and-coming Australian talents in a series of public activations that celebrated and showcased their contributions to the community.


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