Babekühl (*babe-cool)Babekühl (*babe-cool) is a creative studio and new-media art collective based in Sydney. We embrace technology and acknowledge that it operates on an ever-shifting spectrum. Our collaborative practice welcomes experimentation, playfulness and unintentional results – creating experiential works which manifest our gravitation towards the generative and exploratory. We are collectively infatuated with the process of creating distorted, pastiche-like realities observed through a technologically enhanced lens. Through this process, we aim to harmonise the synthetic and organic realms coexisting in our reality.

We call this our own form of techno-expressionismtechno-expressionism. Our work is accessible, autonomous, experimental and crucially, ever-evolving.

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A selection of Films, Music videos, Experience design, Video Art, Art installations and
Creative Direction from the past decade.

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