CHANEL x The Australia Ballet

CHANEL x The Australia Ballet

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"Continuum" is an experimental short film commissioned by Chanel and The Australian Ballet – a visual exploration of The Australian Ballet's rich history and its continually evolving artistry.


“In the creation of ‘Continuum,’ we were granted advanced and unrestricted access to The Australian Ballet’s digital archive, unveiling a treasure trove of historical riches. Through our exploration of this digital archive, we gained insight into the coexistence of ballet’s rich historical legacy and its ongoing contemporary developments—a concept that ultimately informed and inspired the creation of the video artwork ‘Continuum’.”

By employing experimental video art techniques, sampling, and manipulating the archive’s contents, “Continuum” delves into the nuanced interplay between movement and time within the realm of ballet—both on a macro-historical scale and at a hyper-detailed performance level.



In creating “Continuum”, hypercuts, slitscan, time displacement, depth maps, and chronophotography were employed as techniques to subvert ways in which the audience traditionally perceive and interact with ballet as a living art form.

This avant-garde, technology-driven approach was employed to underscore the non-linear, ever-shifting nature of ballet’s evolution. In this fluid and living art form, the past and present intertwine, mutually influencing each other—a harmonious dance that testifies to the enduring and transformative power of this timeless art.


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