Horizons Album Tour

Babekühl x Bag Raiders

Creative DirectionLive Visuals

A multifaceted project in collaboration with Bag Raiders which included art direction, stage design and animation for their ‘Horizons' album tour.


For this execution, we wanted to bring Horizons’ beautiful cover art by Saddo to life, creating a synchronised world of animated illustrations for the band to inhabit on stage. 

To realise this vision, the project underwent several stages of ideation and production.

Stage Design & Production

First, a multi-tiered stage plot was created from diagonally offset megadeck platforms. These structures served as risers for the band members and as structures to support additional animated content – a series of video-capable LED panels were designed and custom made to sit flush with the facade of the band risers. Finally, a series of 28, sequenced and programmable LED tube fixtures were sequenced to flank the stage.

Motion graphics & Animation

Along with a standard backdrop LED wall, the outlined stage design provided 3 distinct surfaces to activate with animated content. Rather than providing a series of content to be triggered by a VJ at live shows, we opted to create a linear, sequenced visual show which could be automatically fed to all LED outputs. This approach allowed us to create tightly synchronised animations and cues, creating dynamics and drama with a minimal, colour-blocked aesthetic. 


Technical Integration

A crucial aspect of this live show’s execution was the capacity for synchronous playback of audio and visual over 3 media walls and sound system. This was achieved by integrating MIDI cues from the band’s live DAW (digital audio workstation) and a visual output computer – allowing the band to loop, jam and improvise, without losing visual playback sync. 


Art Direction & Animation


Technical Direction:

Bad Idea Factory

Production Consultant:

Vi Hermens