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Venture Beyond


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Babekühl was commissioned to create an audio-visual experience for 'Venture Beyond by Penfolds'- an 'out of this world' galactic experience and event celebrating the launch of the Penfolds Collection 2022 release. The result was an experimental film that celebrates Penfolds’ drive: an homage to the brand, the wine and their pioneering spirit. The event took off at Carriageworks in Sydney from the 4th August ~ 6th August.


In early 2022, Babekühl studio visited Penfolds’ Magill Estate in Adelaide- a special place where we able to study the Penfolds facility in detail. What we observed on this trip, was a precise, technical procedure which is constantly evolving;  a beautiful harmony of experimentation and tradition. 

Inspired by our survey of Penfolds’ historical heartland, we have produced a film which is a technology and data driven portrait of the unique Penfolds process and how it has been transposed to vineyards across the globe. 

Infrared cinematography, macro imaging, 3D scanning, photogrammetry, AI and code-based art tools, and data-driven, generative imagery were all employed to create this otherworldly documentary of the Penfolds process. 




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Billy Ryan
Patrick Santamaria
Eva Li
Jenny Kim
Sarri Talhami