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The Faraway Gum

180 Flinders St, Melbourne


“Faraway Gums” is a tribute to the awe-inspiring beauty and remarkable resilience of the Sydney Red Gum, also known as Kajimbourra, and Angophora Costata.

These gum trees possess a regenerative ability that defies belief, and their twisted silhouettes bear witness to the turbulence of nature. The scars of lightning, fire, and insect carvings have become haunting ghost limbs and misshapen bumps that are rugged yet graceful- each telling a unique story that has unfolded over centuries.

Named in reference to British author Enid Blyton’s well-known collection of children’s books, The Faraway Tree, This series aims to capture the wonder and mystery of these majestic trees, inviting the viewer to experience them in a whole new youthful way. It is a documentation of natural history, a fresh perspective on the earth that is magical, mesmerising and alluring.

Photographic Series

Exploring beyond the familiar and searching for new, hidden perspectives and strange beauty, these majestic trees were captured using a special full spectrum camera (infrared) that sees wavelengths invisible to the human eye. The magenta/ red hue is the reflection of infra-red light combined with a portion of visible light in the 590 nm (nanometer) - 1000nm range.

123 Albert St, Brisbane

The Film

‘The Faraway gums’ is part of an ongoing photographic series capturing the Kajimbourra tree.
This non narrative film was primarily shot between December 2018 and March 2020, from the period of the drought and bushfires (Late 2019), through to the rains and the magical bark shedding in its aftermath (Oct 2020). All captured with a mix of infrared and visible wavelengths ranging from 550nm to ~ 720nm

Running Time | 15 Minutes. 2023 Version
Running Time | 11 Minutes. 2020 Version
Aspect Ratio | Portrait and Square
Available for Licence

Land of Lovierre
Display at 80 Collins St, Melbourne (June 2020 - June 2023)


City Of Sydney

Creative Hoarding

In 2023 'Faraway Gums' was licensed by the City of Sydney as part of its Creative Hoarding program. The program was created to inject more art to the streets of Sydney and bring creativity into the everyday. It provides artwork for developers to use in high traffic areas throughout inner city regions of the City of Sydney council.


Art/ Culture agency

Art Pharmacy

Photography : 80 Collins St, Melbourne

C/o Hillary Walker

Photography : 180 Flinders St, Melbourne

C/o Hillary Walker

Photography : 123 Albert St, Brisbane

C/o Markus Ravik

Videography : 80 Collins St / 180 Flinders St

Andi Edirisinghe

Billy Ryan

Billy Ryan