Love That Never


Music Video

‘Love That Never’ is a personal, spiritual journey through time and space, seeking the truth within oneself and our place in the universe. It’s transcendent, dreamy and mystical.

“Entering a new stage of my life, I realised how multifaceted love is. It is this beautiful, overwhelming sensation that fills us up, but can also leave us empty and bare. This song is a personal reminder that if we foster our own intangible love, we will always be fulfilled.” – TOKiMONSTA


A central character takes on a spiritual metamorphosis, who’s naive perspective on the world becomes challenged by a series of abstract, mind-bending events. In a search for truth and identity, our hero traverses off-beat, shifting landscapes slowly gaining a confident stride and eventually able to fly freely. She finds and accepts the joy and wonder of this new beautiful world.


Through conversations with TOKiMONSTA and her creative director, Danna Takako, we wanted to tell a story of adversity. The track is atmospheric, electronic yet still feels organic. To highlight this, we approached the animation as something more traditional: hand-drawn frame by frame overlaid with watercolor textures and gestural brush strokes to instil a human feel.