Babekühl : Issue 02


Babekuhl 2020 – 2022

2022. Almost three years have passed since the publication of our last anthology – three of the most transformative years in recent memory. With so much change in the world around us, It is only natural that our own humble studio has undergone a significant metamorphosis during this time.

The first and most visible evolution at Babekühl, has been our shift away from screen-based media towards experiential art. In practical terms, this means we are spending less time at our desks animating, and more time designing and creating physical spaces. Currently, we are fascinated and inspired by the process of working alongside artists and bands to reimagine albums as emotive, multimedia performances. Our first project of this nature was Genesis Owusu’s ‘Smiling With No Teeth’ tour which went on to be nominated for best Australian live act at the 2021 Aria Awards.

On reflection, this process of collaborative creativity has unlocked a new age of inspiration at Babekühl. Recent years have seen the birth of our own studio projects and public art commissions. These have included; large-scale video art, responsive lighting installations, immersive multimedia experiences and the launch of a special audiovisual project, titled ‘Mystics’ which debuted at Carriageworks as part of Sydney’s Vivid festival.

Throughout this ongoing period of evolution, an expressive use of technology has emerged as the crux of our practice. We feel compelled to use new and old technology, and applying it in layered, collaborative and experimental ways. In our studio, full spectrum imaging, macrography, lidar scanning, photogrammetry, lighting design, spatial audio, VHS, AI and code based art tools are are used freely and interchangeably.

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