Flight Facilities

Never Forever Mixtape

Music Video

The Never Forever Mixtape is an audio visual journey of Flight Facilities’ unreleased music, demos and teasers encompassed into an hour-long experience that can only be viewed once. Released as a live stream, the ‘Never Forever’ Mixtape premiered in three time zones (SYD/LDN/LA), as a one-time-only event, never to be repeated or reuploaded. This is Flight Facilities' first project after a hiatus of six years - a monumental moment for the duo, giving an insight to their fans on what they have been working on.

“NEVER FOREVER is about chasing the magic of the moment, with no guarantees of repeats. We came to know that feeling in the club, on the dance floor and even on the radio. It meant embracing a limited point in time, for what it was.” – Flight Facilities


We tapped into that nostalgic feeling of exploring through a parent’s attic or garage, digging through the different boxes of their past and finding hidden treasures and memories that have been forgotten. The moment of discovery, curiosity and excitement  when uncovering new things and making sense of predated technology is a feeling we constantly chase. The love of watching cartoons and music videos on TV and purposefully recording them onto VHS as a way of keeping a record of your favourite things. The art and media curation of your childhood.


The ‘NEVER FOREVER’ Mixtape is an amalgamation of Flight Facilities’ past, present and future sounds. The mixtape itself is a time capsule, founded by three siblings when exploring their family’s attic. There’s moments of curiosity in the mystery of this relic; and when the children play the VHS tape it brings them to a world of curated series of music and film – the ’NEVER FOREVER MIXTAPE’ by Flight Facilities and Babekühl.



The concept of the mixtape meant we could be experimental and explore different visual mediums depending on the track. With 19 tracks and two skits, we divided the work and made visuals for each part, while considering the overall narrative. There’s references to film trailers, old computer aesthetics, 90’s music videos and childhood show broadcasts. 

In the making of the mixtape, we pushed ourselves to learn new technologies, develop techniques and hone our shooting skills.


Babekühl team

Billy Ryan
Patrick Santamaria
Eva Li
Jenny Kim

Video degraded by

Steve Lattuca & Aaron Zanbaka


Aleese Musa


Bella Davey
Dylan Lai
Katie Lang
Kristin Miao

Oil Painter

Leanne Xiu


Cosset Ceramics
Tatsiana Shevarenkova

Special Thanks to

Jono Ma
Sarri Talhami
Paula Bennison & Steven Robinson
Steve Lattuca & Aaron Zanbaka
Dave Ma
Samuel Beck
Cameron Webley
Sam Clark

Chalmers St Residence

Kathleen Vanthavong
Wilson Leung
Jackie Fernandez